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Successfully signed two important contracts, Jingwei shows its strength in rotor spinning equipment

“In such a short period, Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (Jingwei) has improved design to meet our special requirements, Jingwei is a brand with strength and reputation!”This is the praise from one of our customers.

On June 29th, Jingwei signed a contract of 11 rotor spinning machines JWF1618. With advanced product technical performance, Jingwei's rotor type open-end spinning machine can rapidly meet customers' needs in the research and development of design capabilities, customer-oriented quality service to win the favor of customers in Shandong.

Four days ago, Jingwei signed a contract of 12 rotor spinning machines JWF1618 with a client in Jiangsu.

12 rotor spinning machines JWF1618.jpg

Both two clients are influential local companies that have multiple sets of rotor spinning equipment and produce high-quality yarns, which has a good demonstration and effect in the local area. The JWF1618 rotor spinning machine chosen by clients is a semi-automatic rotor spinning machine independently developed by Jingwei, the rotor speed is 100,000 rpm/min. This model has the characteristics of high-quality yarn, high production efficiency, and high piecing-up quality, etc., and integrates the conception of a high-end rotor spinning frame. It is suitable for spinning Ne3-40 counts of cotton, viscose, chemical fiber, and other fibers.  Long frame, high speed, high capacity, the machine has a maximum of 600 rotors, and guiding speed can reach up to 200 meters per minute.

rotor spinning market.jpg

Thanks to the technical strength and considerate services, Jingwei has successively won two significant contracts under the severe situation of the continuous downturn in the rotor spinning market affected by the epidemic. The success is also due to the radiation effect of the excellent operation situation of the two demo plants in Jiangsu and Shandong province, to the sustained efforts made by the company such as increasing marketing efforts, focusing on core areas, core customers, and core projects, and especially to the company's continuous adherence to technological innovation and upgrading.

The two contracts signed continuously not only means a significant step of Jingwei rotor spinning machine in market development but also enhances the customer's recognition and trust for Jingwei's rotor spinning machine, which encouraged the staff and increased our confidence. We will do our best to optimize production organization and product process, complete the contract delivery with high standards and high quality, and to build a good demo plant equipped Jingwei rotor spinning machines.

rotor spinning R&D and production.jpg

The first rotor spinning machine of New China was born in Jingwei that has more than 40 years of profound experience in rotor spinning R&D and production. Recent years, Jingwei has four main upgrades in automation, energy-saving, spinning index optimization, and productivity maximization:

1) Ovecome key technologies such as semi-automatic pieceing, double convey belt, independent spinning on both side of the machine.

2) On the basis of solid market research, the spinning apparatus and our rotor spinning machine are more suitable for the market.

3) This model has broken through the 600 rotors and Jingwei become the first domestic manufacturer of rotor spinning machine with the largest number of spinning spindles.

4) Jingwei optimized and improved the products according to the advantages of domestic and international high-end rotor spinning machines, the index such as spinning quality, energy consumption achieves the excellence. Besides, we also redesigned the appearance of products. So far, Jingwei's rotor spinning machine has been completely optimized from inside to outside.

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