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Restarting overseas service center to provide better customer services

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At the beginning of 2020, the unexpected epidemic COVID-19 hit the pause button around the world at the same time, Pakistan's market also entered a lockout period. From March to October 2020, only a few contracts were traded in the Pakistani market, and several orders even been delayed. 

To solve the market stagnation caused by the epidemic, on 11th November, Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. organized the overseas service mobilization meeting. The company began to implement overseas market expanding strategy—— Jingwei service center in Pakistan officially restarted.

In-depth customer visit 

Abide by the contract, keeping prestige, our company always insists on the principle of customer first. The epidemic is gradually under control in China, but the situation abroad is increasingly complex. Under such circumstances, Jingwei intelligent made great efforts in epidemic prevention and strictly implemented dispatching requirements of CHTC. On 19th November, Chen Fuqiang, vice director of the International Trade Department, and 3 engineers were sent to Pakistan to carry out after-sales services. They visited Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad, and other cities to serve nearly 20 customers.

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The epidemic in Pakistan is continuing, the number of COVID-19 infections has increased by triple digits every day. Some people are not in the habit of wearing masks, which brings great difficulties to daily life, travel, and work. However, they must face the difficulty, in addition to wearing their own protective equipment, they also help those working alongside them of safety protective. 

Setting up service center to provide better customer services

The Jingwei Service Center relies on the Lahore Textile Economic Zone, radiates textile industrial parks such as Faislabad to the west, Multan in the southwest, and Islamabad in the north.

This trip had two main purposes, on the one hand, visiting customers, understanding users’ needs, collecting customer information, on the other hand, introducing Jingwei’s development, promoting our products, and publicizing the establishment of Jingwei Service Center.

During the services, engineers observed the operating status of the equipment, guided hand in hand the workers on the essentials of equipment maintenance, and coordinated various key components, which won the approval of customers. Accurate and thoughtful services not only close the relationship between customers and Jingwei, but also make users have more confidence in Jingwei products.

Quality service consolidates the brand image and promotes sales

KAHINOOR in Islamabad uses JWF1566EJM to produce Ne 60 pure cotton yarn. Our engineers optimized the program and the auto-doffing device so that machines can operate smoothly in 24000 rpm/min, a new record for the use of Jingwei's new products. Equipment indicators and capacity are consistent with RX300, Toyota's latest product, which costs much more than Jingwei product. 

High speed, high efficiency, low failure rate, cost-effective have become the standard in the Pakistani market, and JINGWEI products exactly meet the market demand. This is our product strength, but also a new challenge to the service. The excellent performance of these equipment has won the recognition of customers, and the regional demonstration effect is remarkable.


With efforts of all service group members, after-sales services on long spinning frame with auto-doffing was carried out smoothly, which has effectively guaranteed the implementation of the contract and won the approval of customers. 

Thereinto, AMNA INDUSTRIES signed a follow-on contract of 7 JWF1566 long spinning frames with auto-doffing; AL NASR expressed the subsequent cooperation intention of JWF1566 (25,000 spindles); KOHINOOR TEXTILE will try out JWF1580 super-long intelligent spinning frames (1824 spindles); BEST FIBER who owns 270 sets JWF1520 has signed a contract for the subsequent 38 sets, which are scheduled to be delivered next year. 

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Despite the Covid-19, the customer service does not stop. The gradual improvement in the Pakistani market cannot be achieved without the efforts of everyone on the market front, it is because their high sense of responsibility and selfless dedication, the Pakistani market has enabled to restart despite the impact of Covid-19.

While serving the existing customers well, the company will continue to dig into the Pakistani market, and take the high-quality after-sales service as the core competitiveness to win more orders, continuously and innovatively deliver more products made in China to the Pakistani market.  

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