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Rotor spinning machines successfully opened up the Vietnam market for Jingwei Intelligent Company

In the first year of the National 14th Five-year Plan, Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jingwei Intelligent Company") has a good start for rotor spinning. After successively signing multiple contracts with clients in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and other places in China, Jingwei Intelligent Company successfully opened up the Vietnam market and started expansions in the overseas markets.

Jingwei machine in Vietnam market.jpg

The Vietnam market is very important to our company, after years of comprehensive systematic development, the Vietnam market has become one of the largest textile machinery export markets of the company. Since the Vietnam government has not yet implemented a policy of prohibiting the import of waste textile raw materials and has carried on a free trade policy of zero tariffs and zero quotas on cotton, the demand for medium and low-quality rotor spinning yarns increases and ushers in a period of rapid development in recent years. Meanwhile, market competition is very fierce, European equipment dominates the market, and many Chinese OE-spinning brands are also seizing the market.  

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Before, AN NAM Textile has been using foreign rotor spinning equipment. After being informed of its intention to purchase new equipment, Jingwei Intelligent Company continued to follow up to understand customer needs and promote products. After doing full market research and technical exchanges, and understanding in-depth the use of Jingwei rotor spinning equipment at home and abroad, the customer believes that Jingwei rotor spinning equipment has excellent technical performance and good operating performance. At the end of February, it signed a contract of JWF1618 rotor spinning equipment with Jingwei Intelligent Company, marking the success of Jingwei rotor spinning equipment in Vietnam.

JWF1618 Rotor Spinning Machine.jpg

The JWF1618 Rotor Spinning Machine chosen by AN NAM Textile is a 100,000 rpm semi-automatic rotor spinning machine independently developed by Jingwei Intelligent Company. Combining the concept of a high-end rotor spinning machine, it has the characteristics of high yarn quality, high production speed, high-quality joints, etc., and it is suitable for spinning 3-40 counts of cotton, viscose, chemical fiber, and other fibers. The machine has a long body, high speed, and high productivity, with a maximum of 600 spinning units and the delivery speed of up to 200 m/min.

machine under production.jpg

In order to ensure that the first contract plays a demonstrative role and further expand overseas markets, Jingwei Intelligent Company will strictly follow the contract requirements and use high-quality products to achieve the timely and high-quality delivery of the first orders in Vietnam.  

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