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A compliment letter from an overseas customer far away from 2,000 kilometers

On August 4, the staff of the Export Department in Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingwei Intelligent Company) brought back a compliment letter from an overseas customer far away from 2,000 kilometers. The customer praised our overseas service team for their hard work and earnest attitude, then expressed high recognition to the staff and sincere thanks for the high-quality installation service they received. 


This customer is a premium customer who has cooperated with Jingwei Intelligent Company for nearly 20 years and has jointly created several highly influential projects at home and abroad. In Vietnam alone, the customer has selected around 1.4 million spindles of Jingwei equipment.

In 2020, the customer ordered 120,000 spindles of new equipment from Jingwei Intelligent Company and signed a contract for upgrading the old equipment with 170,000 spindles. To ensure the collective doffing devices for the first 80,000 spindles can be installed immediately upon arrival at the Vietnamese mill, Jingwei Intelligent Company actively made overall arrangements: implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, in-depth communications with the customer. And the first service team of 6 persons was  finally sent to the customer site on November 19, 2020. 

The service team made a detailed installation schedule and followed it strictly with overtime on weekends and during Spring Festival holidays. Because of hard-works, the service team completed the installation with high quality. While ensuring the customer's production schedule, the team improves the efficiency of the spinning frame with collective doffing devices, reduces the labor intensity of tenders and the labor cost. As soon as the first phase installation was completed, the service team moved to the customer's old workshop and completed the transformation of 11 sets of JWF1520 spinning frames from 1116 spindles to 1224 spindles, which increased the production capacity of spinning frame. 

At the same time, the JWF1579ET high-speed intelligent spinning frame ordered in December 2020 also entered the on-site installation stage. During this period, our service team overcame the high temperature and humidity environment in the workshop and accelerated the new equipment installation for the customer. Regardless of personal gains and losses, the service team thinks about what customers think, serves customers' needs, the staff has been working hard to install the preparatory machines for 9 months, and won praise with their strength. In the future, we will continue to carry forward the hard-working quality of Jingwei staff and provide customers high-quality installation services.

Jingwei Intelligent Company will always follow the principle of“Customer First ”and sustainable Innovation. Focusing on intelligent manufacturing, the company develops overseas markets with excellent products and high-quality services to build a good brand image and to strive for the goal of creating a global textile machinery leading enterprise.

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