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A letter of thanks shows the good customer services of Jingwei

JWF1618 rotor spinning machine.jpg

On August 20th, Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Co. Ltd received a letter of thanks from Uzbekistan's Namangan Cotton Industry Ministry. In the letter, the customer expressed their sincere gratitude to Jingwei intelligence company for sending to Uzbekistan Zhao Fujun and Meng Xinjun to provide their full support in product installation and commissioning during the global COVID-19 epidemic, and highly praised two engineers for their hard work, the spirit of selfless and dedication for excellence.

a letter of thanks from Uzbekistan.jpg

On April 11th, Zhao Fujun and Meng Xinjun went to Uzbekistan to carry out the installation and commissioning of 6 SETS of JWF1618 rotor spinning machines in response to the needs of promoting the complete set of projects. During four months, while doing well in epidemic prevention and control, they carried out their work with a highly responsible attitude and precise technical services. Although the plant facilities are not perfect, they overcame difficulties and not only completed the installation of equipment but also managed to train local mechanics on how to repair rotor spinning machines.

Jingwei rotor spining machine installation.jpg

In the end, our engineers completed the installation of the rotor spinning machine with high quality and high efficiency, and this project the most important subproject in the complete set of projects. To speed up the progress of the complete set of projects, the two engineers also actively assisted the installation of drawing frame, and made positive contributions to the whole project, to demonstrated the Jingwei spirit of "Strive for the first" , and set up a good image of Jingwei.

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